#RecyCuyle. Corny but catchy. This part of the site is dedicated to having some fun while making this beautiful space rock we live on a little better. I’d love for you to check out some vids/info on the page and join me in making a real difference. On this page you’ll find updates on some local clean up and other green meetup events that I’ll be hosting and if you’re interested, just contact me and I’d love to have your help. The little things that we do make some big differences. I’ve also posted a few links to some charity groups that I’ve had personal experience with and ones that share missions to make this place better for the lot of us. Thanks for considering! Contact me here - be sure to check out intro vid to the #RecyCuyle movement.

One of the best, most encompassing sites for finding everything and anything related to living and participating in a sustainable and healthier lifestyle. Discover new ways of doing what you’re already doing, but in a more efficient, cleaner, sustainable way. Find companies with earth friendly policies and products. Find thousands of tips on how to be friggin awesome with the earth.

SIGN UP to join me in a local cleanup event. It’s a fun, quick and simple way to make a little difference.  The basics are...

1 - I choose an area - be it a few city blocks, a park, a parking lot

2 - I provide a few trash bags and gloves

3 - We clean up the area, separating trash from recyclables

4 - I take you to lunch

Clean up events are monthly. Contact me to get involved!

Cleaning up the streets and taking names.

Contact me for details on where to meet up. It will only be an hour or two and then you’re welcome to join me for lunch, my treat.

Had the privelage to join Laura on her show, Jazzy Vegetarian. She’s an amazingly caring and fun person who has a solid mission to make a positive change through food. Please check out her site for info, recipes and more!

You can catch my radio interview with Laura HERE

JAZZY VEGETARIAN shares Easy and Luscious Vegan Recipes to Change the Planet, Get Healthy and Eat Mindfully for Life - for health conscious people of all ages. We focus on nutritious, delicious, easy‐to‐prepare and 100% vegan recipes and green lifestyle tips to live a more balanced, compassionate and sustainable lifestyle. Jazzy Vegetarian reaches out to omnivores, dedicated vegans, and non‐vegetarians alike, who are on the path to wellness, compassion and health through plant-based food choices.